Heart – Pancake in Space

Heart Breakfast wanted to commemorate Shrove Tuesday in a different way, which would stand out from the crowd. Therefore, we decided to attempt ‘the world’s biggest toss’ and send a Pancake into Space.

We teamed up with a company called Sent into Space who organised all of the logistics of actually sending the pancake out of our atmosphere.

The launch was pre-recorded which meant we could put a social media plan in place beforehand and master the coverage. On air we covered the launch ‘live’ (it was recorded as live the day before) and then listeners were directed to follow it on our social media channels.

You can see the highlights video below

How we treated each platform:

  • Twitter - We posted constant updates of the pancakes journey with photos and short video clips from the on-board camera.
  • Facebook - We took a slight risk with Facebook and Facebook Lived the entire journey. It was styled like TV broadcast with a presenter on-location speaking to our teams in the studio. From the launch onwards, the spacecraft visuals were broadcast providing incredible pictures. We wouldn’t normally stream for over 5 minutes but on this occasion we did for the entire 2 hours, providing updates in the comments. It was very successful with over 900 concurrent viewers. Alongside Facebook live, we also posted short video clips at key moments of the journey and a highlights video moments after the craft had landed.
  • Instagram - We used Instagram to showcase the incredible pictures that were coming from the on-board camera.
  • Live Blog & Gallery - We also set up a live blog and gallery on Heart.co.uk. This brought content in from all of our platforms and provided more detailed information of where the pancake was.

Our planet is so beautiful... Ed & Gemma x

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