Heart’s Kayak Challenge

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In October 2017, Heart's Gemma Hill took on Global's BIGGEST ENDURANCE CHALLENGE EVER. To Kayak from London to Birmingham in just 5 days! That’s a staggering distance of over 150 miles and SHE DID IT!

You can see the highlights of the challenge below.

The challenge became very popular with Heart's audience so we needed to make sure the challenge was as accessible as possible on social media.

We treated each platform differently during the challenge:

  • Twitter - We posted constant updates on Gemma's progress and shared highlights on a daily Twitter Moment.
  • Facebook - We were more selective with the content we posted here due to Facebook's algorithm. We shared highlight videos at the start and end of each day. We also posted short clips of key moments as they happened throughout the day.
  • Facebook Live - Facebook Live was used at pivotal moments such as the beginning and end of the challenge. We also allowed Gemma to use Facebook live during the evenings on her phone. Although the production quality wasn't high, it worked very well because it was personal and allowed Gemma to talk directly with our audience.
  • Instagram - We used Instagram as the behind scenes platform, posting photos of the locations Gemma was passing through.
  • Live Blog & Gallery - We also set up a live blog and gallery on Heart.co.uk. This brought content in from all of our platforms showing the story of Gemma's journey.

On all of our social posts, we included a short link to our website. This link took our audience to a landing page which had links to our live blog, gallery, charity details and donation link.

Heart's Kayak Challenge was Heart West Midlands' most successful project ever both in terms of the amount raised and social media interaction.

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